Call for Exhibition Submissions

BTAS 2013 will host exhibits from industry to give companies the opportunity to showcase live demonstrations of their products and contributions. The biometrics research community uses a large amount of commercial products and commercial products draw new technology from the biometrics research community.  This is an opportunity for both groups to learn more about each other to the benefit of all.  The organizing committee encourages companies and labs to showcase the effectiveness of methods developed in the past conferences and currently being developed, or standard commercial off the shelf products relevant to the biometrics community.  The committee reserves the right to reject applications selling products deemed not relevant to the biometrics community.
This event will take place for a single day of the conference.  A table and access to a power strip will be provided.  Conference sponsors may be offered a free or discounted exhibit table depending upon the level of sponsorship.
Prospective exhibit participants should fill out and submit an application form. All the submitted exhibits will be reviewed and selected based on the degree of appropriateness and quality for BTAS 2013. Please note that each selected exhibit should pay an exhibition fee of $500.

Important Dates:
Application deadline : July 28, 2013
Acceptance notification : August 12, 2013

For further information about exhibitions please contact Chris B. Boehnen at