The Sixth IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS 2013) was held in the Washington DC area between September 29 and October 2, 2013 ( As an IEEE conference, BTAS was co-sponsored by the IEEE Biometrics Council and the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society. It was attended by over 150 delegates from around the world. BTAS 2013 received a total of 137 submissions. The review process was coordinated by 3 Program Chairs, who enlisted the help of the Technical Program Committee consisting of over 100 biometric experts. After a rigorous review process, 34 submissions were selected for oral presentation (8 sessions), while 39 submissions were selected for poster presentation (3 sessions). In addition, during the spotlight session, each poster presenter was given two minutes to highlight the contents of their poster. There were several intense, productive and enlightening discussions during the oral and poster sessions! The papers can be accessed at IEEE Xplore.

BTAS 2013 featured three exciting plenary lectures delivered by prominent researchers in the field: “Deep Learning using AI” by Yoshua Bengio, “Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality” by Alessandro Acquisti and “Evaluating Likelihood Ratios in Forensic Identification” by Sargur Srihari. There were 4 well-attended tutorials: “Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing in Biometrics” by Sébastien Marcel; “Face Recognition by Humans and Machines” by Alice O’Toole; “Iris Recognition: From Origin to Current Research Frontiers” by Kevin Bowyer; and “1-to-1 Forensic Facial Comparison” by Richard Vorder Bruegge.

The technical program also had 9 demos that were showcased during the poster sessions. There were exhibits by 3dMD, Digital Signal Corporation and IET Journals. In addition, the Career Pathways and Doctoral Symposium (CPDS) allowed young researchers to meet with a panel of distinguished scientists and leaders from academia and industry. BTAS 2013 had two social events: a Reception on September 30 sponsored by Progeny, and the Banquet and Awards ceremony on October 1 sponsored by Lumidigm and Safran Morpho.

A number of awards were given during the Awards ceremony: the DSC best paper awards, the best poster awards, the best demo awards, and the 5-year highly cited paper award. Details about the awards and their recipients can be found at

BTAS benefited significantly from its several industrial sponsorships. Lumidigm, Safran Morpho, Progeny Systems, Digital Signal Corporation, IET Journals and Cognitec. Plans are already underway for a joint BTAS and ICB meeting (IJCB 2014) to be held in Florida, USA!

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